How many pets are covered in a visit?

For dog walking up to 2 dogs, additional dogs will be an additional £3 per visit. We do not group walk more than 6 dogs at one time.

What hours do you provide dog walking/sitting?

Most of our clients need their pets walked/let out,
between 11am-2:30pm week days.

But, we understand that many clients may not work 9am to 5pm. So call Paul and find out if we can fit your schedule.

Do you offer services on the weekends/late nights?

Not usually. We know not everyone has a Monday-Friday job. If you need services on the weekend, late nights, or holidays, we might be able to accommodate you.
Please contact Paul with your requirements.

Do you pack walk?

Our main service is group walks, maximum of 6 dogs,
although we do offer one to one walks.
Once a day in winter and twice a day in Summer.

What are my options for payment of services?

I accept Debit Cards, Visa, Mastercard.
You will be issued a receipt at the time of payment.

All payments must be made prior to services for the day, week or month. We also accept cash.

Do you have a another question?

call us 01737 841 080

What is a Meet & Greet?

It’s the initial meeting where Paul comes to your home,
to meet you (the owners), and your pet(s). This allows your pets, whether it’s dogs, cats, or any other animal, to get accustomed to his scent. It also allows him to create a connection. This is where initial payment takes place, if you decide to go ahead, as well as picking up a set of keys if necessary (which will be kept in a key safe)

Areas We Serve?

For now, only within the Brockham and Betchworth area.

Who will walk my dogs and pet sit?

At this time, we are a husband and wife team.
We will be the only ones taking care of your pet(s) for walks and/or playing inside when the weather is bad.

Do you still walk in bad weather?

Yes. Your pets still need to get outside to do their business regardless of the weather. If it’s lightning, we can play inside until the storm has passed. If it’s raining, that’s not an issue, we will towel dry your dog after wet walks. Just like the post office, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep us from our duties!

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for as much notice as possible for cancelling our services. Payment is made prior to services provided; so, if you provide at least 24-hours notice, we will either refund your money for that service, or we can credit it towards your next service.

Frequently Asked Questions