• When?

    We have 3 pack walks per day,
    the first starting at approx. 11am
    and the last finishing at approx. 2.30pm.

    We also offer weekend pack walks
    and evening walks.

  • Where?

    We cover Brockham and Betchworth in Surrey.

    If you live beyond Brockham and Betchworth, an additional fee may apply to your package due to travel time and mileage.

  • How Much?

    We offer a 1 hour, Group Walk with our pack
    (Daisy and Fudge)
    £14/day for 1 day/week   £12/day for 2 days/week
    £11/day for 3 days/week   £10/day for 4 days/week
    £9/day for 5 days/week

    We offer a discount for a second dog
    collected from the same address

    If you need more than five days, or a bespoke service, email us and we will accommodate your needs. Limited weekend services are also available,
    please inquire about charges.

  • Home board?

    We offer a home boarding service where
    dogs stay with us in our family home.

    Only well behaved dogs accepted
    that fit in with Daisy and Fudge.

    Call Paul for further details:

    01737 841 080